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What is Vinyasa Yoga?

Vinyasa is a style of Hatha yoga that focuses on synchronizing one’s breath with one’s movements.  The movements themselves “flow”  as they connect from one to another both smoothly and gracefully.


What Are the Classes Like?

There will be two levels of classes: beginner and multi-level.  The beginner class will focus on the vinyasa style itself.  Movements will be slower and students will be able to gain a firm grasp on the fundamentals.  The primary emphasis will be placed on alignment – both physical and mental.

The multi-level class will be more vigorous.  Once students have gained a firm foundation, they will be able to move more quickly and learn more advanced techniques.


What Are the Benefits of the Program?

The main focus of yoga is to achieve balance within the body and the mind.  Through breathing exercises, meditation, and physical poses, students will be able to achieve this goal.  Students will also gain higher flexibility and coordination as well.

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