Sparring Team Application & Waiver

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  • The program will last for six(6) months after the above selected start date and is non-refundable & non-transferable.
  • This is only for members currently enrolled in the programs of Dragon Yong-in Martial Arts.
  • Members are required to participate and compete in at least one(1) tournament during this six-month membership.
  • Members are allowed to miss a maximum of one(1) sparring team class per month. Missing more than one(1) class per month will result in the dismissal of the member from the program without a refund.  Members who miss four(4) or more classes during the six-month period will be dismissed from the program without a refund.  Any member not following team rules or the team code of conduct will be dismissed from the program without a refund.
  • Extra pieces of equipment & supplies are not included, and must be purchased if needed.
  • The costs of tournaments are extra and are not included in the membership fee.
  • Members will practice Olympic Style Sparring – which includes head contact.
  • Dress Code includes Dragon Yong-in Martial Arts uniform & t-shirt, belt, and running shoes.
  • Dragon Yong-in Martial Arts is released from responsibility/liability of injury or death.
  • This membership will not automatically renew.  It must be renewed by the buyer at the end of the six-month term.

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