Children’s Tae Kwon Do

Children’s Tae Kwon Do Programs

DSCN1209Children’s classes are always fun and exciting at Dragon Yong-in Martial Arts.

Classes are filled with positive reinforcement.  Bonus points are given for children who do well in class – points that can be used later on for a special award during testing.  Also, children who behave well at home also receive bonus points.

This program focuses not only on building skills on the mat, but building strong relationships within families.  For promotional testing, children are required to learn the Children Home Rules, the 6 Respects, the Martial Arts Code, and the Martial Arts Tenets.

Pee Wee Dragon Program

Specifically designed for children ages two and a half through four years old, this exciting program allows young children to experience Tae Kwon Do on a level that they can easily understand.  This program focuses on primarily developmental skills such as flexibilitybalance & coordination, focus & concentration, and muscle development.

Little Dragon Program

This program is perfect for children ages four through six years old.  While it still focuses on the same aspects of the Pee Wee Dragon Program, the curriculum is slightly more advanced to keep students challenged and motivated.  Such additions to the program include sparring and an introduction to poom se (Tae Kwon Do forms).

Junior Dragon Program

Designed for children ages six through eleven years old, the Junior Dragon Program is more comprehensive in nature than the Little Dragon Program.  Children learn more aspects of Tae Kwon Do such as basic punching, blocking, kicking, combination kicking, sparring, board breaking, a more complete understanding of poom se (form), and even weapons training (after achieving a black belt).


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